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Renovated Radios LLC II

television parts

Chassis Supports (4)
Price: $11.00

Philco chassis supports
(set of 4)
(item ch25)

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Crosley 26BB Buttons
Price: $5.00

Crosley Push Buttons
(item pb12b)

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Motorola VT-71, VT-73 Television Knob
Price: $12.00

Motorola Television knob.
(item k109)

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Pilot TV-37 Television Knob
Price: $14.00

Pilot TV knob
(item k108)

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RCA Pushbuttons (set of 10)
Price: $98.00

radio/television pushbuttons
I decided to run more of these until the mold died. Won't be doing more after these are gone.
(set of 10)
(item pb03)

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RCA/AirKing/Crosley/Fada Channel Knob
Price: $30.00

RCA TV Channel Selector Knob
(item k144a)

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RCA/AirKing/Crosley/Fada Fine-Tuning Knob
Price: $15.00

RCA TV Fine-Tuning Knob
(item k144b)

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