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Philco 90 Operating Instructions

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Service Magazines

11 years of Service magazines on 2 DVDs

(See this set of magazines and other CDs listed in the PARTS menu.)

Index of Articles in Service Magazines on DVDs (37Mb)


January 1938 (page by page) | (download whole .PDF file - 51Mb)

January 1942 (page by page) | (download whole .PDF file - 40Mb)

July 1935 (page by page) | (download whole .PDF file - 44Mb)

May 1939 (page by page) | (download whole .PDF file - 66Mb)

May 1938 (page by page) | (download whole .PDF file - 61Mb)

September 1937 (page by page) | (download whole .PDF file - 71Mb )



Coil Winder Instructions submitted by etech

The first file is an article written by Gary Tempest of the U.K. describing how to build a home brew coil winding machine for little money. The second file is part 2 of the first article describing some worthwhile modifications to the machine. Part 2 also has information about how to use the machine to wind inter stage audio transformers with it.

Coil Winder BVWS (part 1)

Coil Winder Transformer (part 2)



Philco Vacuum Tube Tester Model # 7050


Here are the usage instructions, tube data, and schematic for this tube tester. They consist of small cards that are clipped into a two-ring binder in a compartment on the right side of the case. They were printed on both sides. This file has them printed on one side only. You could print them on the heaviest stock your printer can handle, and cut them to size, or glue them back to back if you have a glue that wouldn't wrinkle the paper. The file is an Adobe PDF file 10.4 Mb in size. DOWNLOAD FILE

If you want to just use this file on the computer and not print out the cards, use the PDF Bookmarks tab to quickly go to the page you want.



Precision Test Equipment Catalog (condensed) with Prices 1950



John Kopp's Zenith H500 Repair Log


Badrestorer (John Kopp)'s very popular and highly regarded H500 thread has been archived by Ed Morris and put into a simplified, easy to use PDF format. The thread has been edited to its essential information and organized into six easy to use chapters covering disassembly of the radio to cabinet restoration. It should be noted that the scope of John's thread goes far beyond the H500 Trans-Oceanic. This guide will be helpful in restoring all the 500 and 600 series Trans-Oceanics, and will be of help in restoring just about any AA5 radio.

Download the PDF HERE.