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Radio Clubs, Museums

Alabama Historical Radio Society - Lots of good historical radio information.

Canadian Vintage Radio Society - Dedicated to the preservation, restoration, collection, and enjoyment of antique radios and related items.

Heartland Antique Radio Association - The Heartland Antique Radio Association is based in Tulsa and serves Northeast Oklahoma and surrounding areas.

Mid America Antique Radio Club --- MAARC--- since 1975

Mid-Atlantic Radio Club - Home of Radio Age publication and Host of Radioactivity.

Texas Antique Radio Club - Serving the Austin and San Antonio Area

Houston, Texas - Houston Vintage Radio Association

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas - Vintage Radio and Phonograph Society



Adams Manufacturing Company: Radio Dial Belts and more.

Antique Radios Forum: A great place online to meet other vintage radio enthusiasts and share information

Antique Radios Inc.: Home of the ARBE-III Universal Battery Eliminator. (Probably the best out there.)

Antique Wireless Association: National Club devoted mostly to early radio

Circuit Specialists Inc.: Circuit Specialists sells thousands of variacs because we offer the best deal in the industry! Find estate sales in your area.

Gary Tayman's Collector Car Audio: Offers complete car audio service for vintage cars.

Michigan Antique Radio Club: Home of one of the best radio clubs in America.

Nostalgia Air: Online schematics, forum, and other valuable radio resources.

NPJ7 Tube Data-Base Search: My favorite place to look up a tube. Tells you what application the tube has and much more.

OldRadioParts: Mark Oppat has capacitors, volume controls, Philco dials, and much more for sale.

Philco : A treasure trove of historical information concerning the former Philadelphia Storage Battery Company and Philco Corporation. Ron Ramirez wrote the book on Philco! (literally)

Philco Repair Bench: Lots of great resources for Philco repairmen and enthusiasts.

Phil's Old Radios: Photo gallery, restoration articles, building projects, beginner's advice, and features.

Portland Antique Radio Supply: stocks hundreds of original tube radio parts for antique radio restoration, including original escutcheons, dial scales and knobs.

Radio Attic Archives: Pictures of many, many radios. A great resource for identifying a radio.

RadiolaGuy: Dedicated to those interested in early radio and television as a hobby, or who just want to take a nostalgia trip to the golden age of radio and television.

RenovatedRadios: Rubber grommets, chassis washers, reproduction radio, TV, and clock radio knobs, Motorola TV knobs and CRT masks, rubber feet for radios, record players, rubber parts for record players, scanned radio books on CD, and more!

Retro Radio Repair: Custom-made reproduction clear plastic dial covers for vintage radios

Speak Easy Radios: Restoration work done on customer's radios, radios for sale.

Tube Radio Repair: Tube radio repair and restoration. (Ontario, Canada)

The Vintage Attic: Radio repair service and more.

Vintage Radio and Electronics Classifieds: Free classifieds for radios and radio related materials.


Radio Repair Persons

Temple City, California - Stan Renna's Antique Radios - Contact Stan if you need a 1930's or 1940's tube radio restored. Zenith radios are his specialty.He services all brands of radios.

Tom's Antique Radio Repair - Specializing in antique radio tube and transistor repair. Zenith, Crosley, Philco, etc., all brands can be made to work again.

Houston, Texas Area - Vintage Sounds located in the Market Place Antique Center. Vintage radio sales & repair, vintage auto radios, German radios, tubes, phonographs & records too.

Camden Antique Radio Service - Located near Indianapolis, Indiana.

Dale's antique Radio Repair - Located in Greenville, Texas



(Argentina) Antiquesboedo (Carlos Landi's Site) Lots of foreign radio stuff. Spanish language.

Radio Museum A great place for finding information about an obscure radio. Lots of good information! Getting better every day.

Radiocraft Great Britain's leading radio and television restorers



tech-retro Video standards converters to operate any television from early mechanical to modern electronic sets.


Record Players

The Voice of Music (V-M Audio Enthusiasts) The Voice of Music (V-M Audio Enthusiasts) Record changer sales and restorations as well as needles, cartridges, cartridge kits, 45 adapters, center posts, belts and more for all brands! Specializing in post WWII, V-M and RCA 45 player parts.

RCA Victor Land Larry sells and services RCA Victor record players and others. Photofacts and schematics available.

Vintage Electronics Ed Crockett rebuilds idler wheels, cams, and pinch rollers, etc.



The Golden Age of Radio An interesting site depicting radios from different eras.

The Radiophile Site: A very nice, large, collection of radios. Good photographs of some of the best radios out there.

Tube Radio Land: A super collection of antique radios with lots of information about each one.

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