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Generic Knobs with Inscribed Labels

Price: $10.00
SKU Color Label Price Qty.
k103-black-band black BAND SWITCH $10.00
k103-black-tone black TONE $10.00
k103-black-tuning black TUNING $10.00
k103-black-volume black VOLUME $10.00
k103-brown-band brown BAND SWITCH $10.00
k103-brown-tone brown TONE $10.00
k103-brown-tuning brown TUNING $10.00
k103-brown-volume brown VOLUME $10.00

These knobs are identical to the medium size KGen-5 knobs, with the exception that they have labels inscribed on the face. They take a 1/4" shaft and are secured with a set screw. Used by Grunow, Truetone and others.

Dimensions: 1" wide, 9/16" thick, 1/4" hole

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