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Renovated Radios LLC

screws, levers, sheilds, etc.

"T" Split Pin for Securing Radio Backs
Price: $1.25

For radios made after the 30's
(item s05)

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Dial Bulb Pigtail
Price: $3.00

Dial Lamp Pigtail
(item: mc4)

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Dial Lamps
Price: $0.50 - $1.50

Various dial lamps
(item h1)

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Instrument Lamp
Price: $1.00

Incandescent Instrument Lamp
(Item h1-OL-330)

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Kennedy Radio-Amplifier Connector Strap
Price: $10.00

Two Kennedy radio - amplifier connector straps
(item s25)

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Knob Felts
Price: $1.20 - $1.50

Knob Felts (set of 5)
(item k147)

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Knob Spring Clips
Price: $3.95

Radio Knob Spring Clips
(item s07)

Out of Stock - Try again in a few days.
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Philco Chassis Screw (large)
Price: $0.50

Philco chassis screw (large)
(item s13)

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Philco Chassis Screw (small)
Price: $0.50

Philco chassis screw (small)
(item s09)

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Pointer for 1937 Philco Radios
Price: $5.00

1937 Philco pointer
(item p1)

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Rubber Dial Glass Extrusion Gasket
Price: $0.28

Narrow Slot Rubber Extrusion
(item: mc3-Narrow)

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Zenith Band Switch Lever
Price: $23.00

Zenith Metal Band Switch Lever
(item: mc5)

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Zenith Chassis Bolt
Price: $0.65

Zenith Chassis Bolt
(item s17)

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Zenith Dial Lamp Shade
Price: $1.50

Dial Lamp Shade
(item h4)

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Zenith Switch Slide
Price: $4.00

Zenith push/pull switch part
(item Misc-switch)


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