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RCA Pushbuttons (set of 10)

Price: $98.00

Price is for one set of 10 push-buttons.

RCA part # 31358

If you are not sure whether these are correct for your radio or television, look at the back of the existing buttons and see if they match the shape of the one shown in the picture. Click on the picture for a better view.

Price is for a set of ten.

Radio models: 1938: 11QU (Chassis RC-335), 910KG (Chassis RC-335), 99T (Chassis RC-335), HF2

1939: 11Q4, 11QK, 98K, 99K, , 911K, U30 (Chassis RC-335), U129 (Chassis RC-335), TRK-9, 90, 12, 120 TV sets (Chassis RC-427)
Maybe U46 and K130, (Chassis RC-501), which use a different RCA part number (35033), but look very similar in the photos)

Television models: TRK-9, TRK-90, TRK-12, TRK-120, maybe U46, and K130

These are 1938 and 1939 sets. They may fit 1940 and 1941 sets too.

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