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Learn to Read Schematics

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This is a CD containing two (2) books (375 pages total) dedicated to helping those who would like to learn to read schematic diagrams. The focus is on both vacuum-tube and transistor circuits. I’ve put the two books onto one CD so that information you can’t get from one, you can get from the other.
This isn't a poor-quality scan like many others, and it's not just a .pdf file saved to a CD.

Just pop the CD into your PC and an auto-menu will pop up. Click on the book you want, and away you go! (Menu won't show up on a Mac computer or maybe with a new version of Windows 10, but you can still view all the same .pdf files with all the information.)

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This CD will give you a through knowledge of individual electronic components, their symbols used on schematics, variations of those symbols, and common circuits using those symbols.
You’ll get a very in-depth explanation of how common circuits work, what usually fails in them, variations you might come across, and a detailed analysis of each.

Understanding Schematic Diagrams
An Allied Publication (1970)
Allied Radio Corporation, Chicago, IL.

This book is the more basic, focusing on individual electronic components and their symbols.
Getting Started
Fundamental Components
Tubes and Semiconductors
Other Components
Connecting Devices
Putting it all Together


Complete Guide to Reading Schematic Diagrams

By John Douglas-Young (1972)
Parker Publishing Co., NY

The Complete Guide book is more thorough, but also more technical, and will require some prior knowledge of electronics.
It deals mostly with circuits found in all types of radio communication devices made before 1970.
Schematic Diagrams
Voltage Amplifiers
Power Amplifiers
Power Supplies
Bridge Circuits
Synchro Systems
Other Circuits