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All American Five Schematic Plaque

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This is a plaque of a schematic of the the most-used circuit in radio history. The radio was called the "All American Five" because the design typically used five vacuum tubes, and comprised the majority of radios manufactured for home use in the USA and Canada in the tube era. Millions of radios used this cost-saving circuit.

This plaque can be used as a quick reference when troubleshooting a radio, or as a plaque commemorating the most famous radio circuitry in history. Made of 1/8 inch plastic that has been engraved by laser. Waterproof and sturdy, it will last for years and look great displayed with your favorite antique radios.

Dimensions: Large one is 10 inches by 5-3/8 inches
Smaller one is 7.5 inches by 4 inches

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