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Zenith Band Switch Lever

Price: $23.00
SKU Set Screw Placement Price Qty.
mc5-top top $23.00
mc5-right side right side $23.00

Band switch lever/knob used on various Zenith radios. This part is reproduced in pot metal, just like the originals. There was no finish applied to the originals; they were just a dull pot metal finish.

CAUTION: Don't tighten the set screw too tight or you will crack the pot metal knob.

Models: 9S204, 9S232, 9S242, 9S244, 9S262, 9S263, 9S264, 9S365, 12S205, 12S232, 12S245, 12S265, 12S266, 12S267, 12S268, 15U246, 15U269, 15U270, 15U271, 15U272, 15U273

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