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Crosley 02CA Knobs & Buttons

Price: $68.00

Knobs: The two knobs on the left side of the radio are locked together with a wooden peg that fits through a hole in both of them making them turn in unison. The right-hand knobs are the same, but without a peg they turn independently. These knobs come with one wooden peg and spring clips for the smaller front knobs.

Push Buttons: These have a recess area on top so you can attach station call letter tabs. They can be glued on with a water soluble glue. The buttons need no clips to hold them in place like the originals did. Just push them on and you're in business.

Small Knob Dimensions: 1" diameter, 1/2" thick
Large Knob Dimensions: 1-1/4" diameter, 5/32" thick
Button Dimensions: face is 9/16" long, 5/16" wide, 1/2" thick, 3/16" slot.

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