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Mallory Encyclopedia

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Mallory Encyclopedia on CD

This is another great resource for people who like to repair old tube-type radios. Now, the Mallory Encyclopedia is on CD. The entire book (479 pages!) is contained on one CD, scanned at 300 dpi so that you won’t be straining your eyes to read the fine print, and nearly the entire book is in fine print because they really crammed in a lot of data.

This book will be of interest to anyone who works on pre-war (1942) radios, especially those radios that have missing model numbers or have been modified by previous technicians.  Just having the tube data available is a tremendous help.

Click HERE to view a page from the book.

This CD contains the book in its entirety in Adobe PDF format with an auto-start program that allows you to just put the CD into your player and start viewing the data and an alphabetical index so you can quickly find the radio data you need.

You’ll need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer and a web browser.

This reference book is of great use to the modern radio-repair person. It was primarily written to enable the radio technician to quickly look up a receiver and determine the correct part number of a Mallory replacement part.  Although Mallory replacement parts are still available to some extent, there is much more information of value to the modern radio technician as you’ll see below.

The book has listings of over 28,000 different receivers from the earliest receivers up to the spring of 1942 (all pre-war sets). Receivers are listed by manufacturer’s name and cross-referenced by popular names.  Model numbers are listed under manufacturer along with chassis numbers.

Click HERE to view a small sample of the book in pdf format.

(A 13 Mb download – not for phone lines!)

The data are divided into sections on each page.  Listed below are types of information you will find under each section.



Find control circuit diagrams for the listed control (vol., tone, etc.). Determine if the circuit has been changed by a previous technician. Find original part number. Determine if part has been previously replaced. Find Mallory replacement number. Determine wiring in case of lost connections during replacement.


Find the total number of tubes and amount of each type. Determine if tubes are correct ones. Find whether subsequent model changes called for more modern replacement tubes.


Find the Intermediate Frequency for the receiver. Find if changes in the I.F. were later called for.


Find the number of filter capacitors in the original circuit. Determine if original caps were separate or multi-caps. Find the value of filter and other capacitors in the original circuit. Determine the capacitor value without being able to read the markings on the old capacitors. Find a circuit diagram of the filter capacitors. Determine if the circuit has been altered. Find original part number. Determine if part has been previously replaced. Find Mallory replacement number.


Find over 150 capacitor notes. Read how to replace certain caps, how to properly route the wires, determine which wire goes where, etc.


Find part numbers of original vibrators. Find Mallory replacement part number. Find proper pin connections. Find vibrator circuit diagram. Find vibrator substitution data. Find notes on specific vibrators.


Find Rider’s volume number and page number(s) for the selected receiver.

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