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Zenith Switch Slide

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Used with pushbutton the short hook pushbutton: pb06

These are the wafer type phenolic switch contact assemblies that originally had a short hook-type pushbutton attached to the long end. There are two types: one has the brass eyelet located on the long end of the wafer, the other has it located near the short end of the wafer. You will have to examine your originals to determine which ones you need. Usually, 4 with the eyelet closer to the long end and 2 with the eyelet closer to the short end.

Dimensions: 1-1/2" long, 3/16" wide, 5/16" widest part

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Installing the switch slides:

Disconnect the push-button assembly from the radio. The assembly is held together with metal posts that have been split and spread with a chisel. If you grab the post with pliers and squeeze, you can squeeze the split part back together. It probably won't be reduced in thickness enough yet to fit through the hole, but you can file the squeezed part down enough to get it to go through.  Do that to both sides and you can change out the slides.

Once you've installed the slides, push the posts back through the holes. Then set the assembly on a solid base like a workbench, anvil, or rock, and carefully drive a chisel into the posts to spread them again, or try peening them over with a ball peen hammer. You may have luck giving the post a slight twist with pliers. 

If you break a post while doing any of this, you can put the assembly back together and put some JB Weld around the posts to keep them in place. Some people just cut the posts off to get the assembly apart and use JB Weld to hold everything together afterward.