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Clock Knob Shaft Repair

Price: $9.00
SKU Size Price Qty.
cl-1-1/16 1-1/16 inch $9.00
cl-11/16 11/16 inch $9.00

Got a broken shaft that prevents you from putting that missing clock knob in place? Use one of these handy parts to fix that shaft. You'll need to remove the chassis from the cabinet, but before you do, determine how much you should cut off the shaft.

shaft diameter: 1/8"
socket length: 3/16"

total length:

long: 1-1/16"
medium: 13/16"
medium-short: 11/16"
short: 9/16"

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Installation Instructions for Replacment Shaft-Tip on Broken Clock-Radio Knob Shafts
1. Cut off broken ends of old control shaft.
2. Slip socket section of new shaft-tip over old shaft, being careful to align slot of new shaft-tip in proper position so that the knob pointer will point to proper spot.
3. Run a little solder into hole inside of new shaft-tip.
4. Let cool, then install knob on new shaft.