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Crosley Clock Knob Sets

Price: $15.00
SKU Color Price Qty.
cl-c_black black $15.00
cl-c_blue blue $15.00
cl-c_chartreuse chartreuse $15.00
cl-c_green green $15.00
cl-c_maroon maroon $15.00
cl-c_tan tan $15.00

Reproduction of Crosley D25 and 11-120U to 11-125U "Dashboard" clock knobs. Two with vane and one without. Fine fluting. PRICE IS FOR A SET OF 3.

Model 11-124U (blue) uses the grayish looking knobs.

D25BE (blue), D25CE (chartreuse), D25GN (green), D25TN (tan), D25WE (white)

11-120U (white), 11-121U (ebony), 11-122U (chartreuse), 11-23U (maroon), 11-124U (blue), 11-125U (green)

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