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5-6 Tube Zenith Tuner Support

Price: $2.50

Used on the tuner section of some 5-tube radios. Replacing the tuner grommets on these radios will allow the dial to be centered in the cabinet opening.

Zenith used a cupped steel fender washer 3/4" OD top and bottom on this tuner with the rubber bushing in between of course. Stuffed into the rubber bushing is a bakelite spacer. It is 1/4" OD and a bit over 1/4" long. After installation, you tighten down the three nuts from below until the rubber is compressed to match the bakelite tubes in the middle of the rubber bushing.

Used on models: Zenith 5S127 (chassis 5516), 5A127 (chassis 5517A and 5525A), 6S229 (chassis 5638) and other probably other similar models.

Dimensions: Slightly over 3/4” diameter, 1/2" tall, 1/4” hole, 7/32” section on top and bottom, fits a 1/2” chassis hole

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