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Radio Dial Lamps

#40 Used on Radiola 18, 50: most '30's Colonials and Detrolas, many '30" Fadas and Trav-Lers [.15 a, screw base]

#41 All 2.5v Zeniths, RME 9D Hammarlund Comet Pro, some Colonials, many Dewalds, several '30s Knights, Stromberg-Carlson 641, 642 [.5a, screw base]

#44 Dials and tuning meters, many AC sets, many '30s Emersons, some consoles. (CAUTION: Do not use on backlit dials, they may burn through the dial. Backlit dials should use #47 or #1847 bulbs.) * [.25a, bayonet base]

#46 Dials and tuning meters, many '30s Knights and Fadas, some Admirals and G.E's. [.25a, 6v., screw base]

#47 Dials in most All-American Fives, many AC sets. (Used in most Zenith backlit dials. Dial shades are needed to prevent burn through on the dial.) [.15a, bayonet base]

#1847 Long-life version of the #47

#51 Car-radio dials, car instruments, Scot All-Wave 23, most '30's Air Kings and Wells-Gardners, some All-American Fives [.15a, bayonet base, round bulb]


#55  NOS - Brass bayonet base - 7 volts, 3 watts
Dome; License Plate; Parking; Radio dial; Step/Courtesy; Tail

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