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Tuner Support

Price: $2.25

These larger grommets are for supporting a tuner on the chassis. They fit into a hole in the chassis that is 7/16 in. more or less. These work well for the grommets between the dial/thumb wheel/pushbutton assembly and the chassis on models 39-40, 39-55, and 39-116 (takes 4), and probably the 39-45.  They also fit models 20, 70, and 90. They fit Grunow 580 and 581.

Also used on the 70 series Philco cathedrals. Measure one of your originals to make sure you get the right grommets, but be advised that the originals may be squashed out of shape, especially on the top side.

Also fits Sparton 1068.

Dimensions: 5/8" diameter, 7/16" thick, 1/4" hole, top and bottom sections each 3/16", fits into a 7/16" chassis hole.

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