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Chassis Support

Price: $2.75

Rubber cushion used under the chassis. Used in Waltons, and many other zenith tombstones and consoles from 1935 - 1939. PRICE IS FOR ONE.

Models: 6B107 6B129, 6B164, 6S128, 6S137, 6S147, 6S152, 6S157, 6S161, 7J232, 7J259, 7S204, 7S232, 7S240, 7S242, 7S258, 7S260, 7S261, 7S633, 8A232, 8A242, 8A129, 8A154, 8A157, 8A244, 8A262, 8S129, 8S154, 9S30 9S54, 9S55, 9S203, 9S204, 9S232, 9S242, 9S244, 9S262, 9S263, 9S264, 10S130, 10S147, 10S153, 10S155, 10S156, 10S157, 10S160, 12S205, 12S232, 12S245, 12S265, 12S266, 12S267, 12S268, 12L57, 12L58, 12A57, 12A58, 15U246, 15U169, 15U270, 15U271, 15U272, 15U273, 1000Z

Dimensions: 1-1/4" diameter, 7/16" thick, 5/16" hole.

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