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1933 RCA / General Electric Knob

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Used on both RCA and General Electric cathedrals and tombstones in the early 1930's. Knobs are held on with a set screw. Originals were wood, these are plastic to simulate wood.

G.E. H-31?, J-72, J-80, J-82, J-83, J-100, J-107, K-40, K-41, K-43, K-48, K-50, K-50-P, K-51-M, K-51-P, K-52, K-53, K-60, K-60-P, K-63, K-64, K-65, L-50

RCA: 100, 110, 120, 111, 128B, 142B, 300, R-8, R-22-W, R27, R-28, R-28-B, R-28-P, R-37, R-71, R-72, R-73, R-74, R-225

Dimensions: small knob: base 7/8", top 11/16", 5/8" tall. large knob: base 1-1/8", top 30/32", 1/2" tall. Both have 1/4" hole.

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