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RCA Front (fine) Tuning Knob

Price: $10.00

This is the front or inner vernier tuning knob used on many 1937 RCA console and table radios. Fits on a 1/4" flatted shaft.

models: Consoles - 6K, 6K1, 6K2, 6K3, 7K, 7K1, 7U, 7U2, 8K, 8K1, 8U, 8U2, 9K, 9K1, 9K3, 9U, 10K, 10K1, 13K, 15K, 15U
Table models - 8T, 9T, 10T 6-BT, 6-BT-6, 6-T-8T, 9T, 10T

Dimensions: 1-1/8" diameter, 5/8" tall

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