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Silvertone Large Labeled Knobs

Price: $14.00
SKU Label Price Qty.
k-56-blank-small NORMAL $14.00
k-56-FAW-small F-A-W $14.00
k56-broad-sharp BROAD-SHARP $14.00
k56-for-pol-am FOR-POL-AM $14.00
k56-tone TONE $14.00
k56-tuning TUNING $14.00

These are repros of Silvertone knobs with various labels. Knobs fit onto a 1/4" shaft, secured with supplied set screw. Labels are in raised lettering across one half of the knob. Used in conjuncion with the smaller labeled Silvertone knobs. Click on the picture to get a larger view.

Originals of these knobs are all shrunk, broken, or otherwise damaged. I reworked originals to try to salvage enough of the original shape to make a mold for these knobs. Unfortunately, these repros are not perfect. They are not true round, and the holes are not true, but they are good enough.

models: 4487, 4586, and others

Dimensions: 1-1/8" diameter, 5/8" tall, 1/4" hole

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Here’s a line-up of the knobs for a 1937 11-tube console.
And 1936 model 4586 (Colonial chassis)

Going left to right:

small knob on left (VOL-OFF)
large knob (FOR-POL-AM)
large knob (TUNING)
large knob (TONE)
small knob on right (FLASH-B-SHARP)

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