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Zenith 1939 - 1940 Volume Knob

Price: $12.00

Knob used for on/off/volume stacked on top of either knob k38 or k39. Brown k40 knob option was used on some of the 9, 12, and 15-tube sets along with a brown k39 knob. All others used aged ivory. Note: some 1939 Zenith consoles used the brown version knob set, k39  and k40. 1940 models: Used in conjunction with knob k30 only.

models: 7J328, 7J368, 7S323, 7S342, 7S343, 7S363, 7S364, 8S359, 8S440, 8S451, 9S307, 9S324, 9S344, 9S367, 9S369, 10S452, 12S345, 12S370, 12S371, 12S453, 15S308, 15S346, 15S370, 15S371, 15S372, 15S373, 15S346

Dimension: base is near 1", 3/4" tall, 1/8" hole.

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