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Crosley Knobs & Pushbuttons for Model 02CA

Price: $68.00

These knobs and buttons are slightly translucent and a soft white. They are as close a match to originals that I can determine. Existing originals may look yellow-brown from age, but looking at the back one can see that they were originally a lightly tinted translucent white.

However, since many of these Crosleys still have the old original knobs which have turned brown with age, some owners wish to replace them with knobs that aren't white, but a brown color, since that is what they are used to seeing. Hence, I offer brown knobs for these radios also.

Knobs: The two knobs on the left side of the radio are locked together with a wooden peg that fits through a hole in both of them making them turn in unison. The right-hand knobs are the same, but without a peg they turn independently. These knobs come with one wooden peg and spring clips for the smaller front knobs.

Push Buttons: These have a recess area on top so you can attach station call letter tabs. They can be glued on with a water soluble glue. The buttons need no clips to hold them in place like the originals did. Just push them on and you're in business.

Small Knob Dimensions: 1" diameter, 1/2" thick
Large Knob Dimensions: 1-1/4" diameter, 5/32" thick
Button Dimensions: face is 9/16" long, 5/16" wide, 1/2" thick, 3/16" slot.

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These knobs were made for the model 02CA. Other similar models used a larger brown knob and the push buttons were wider.