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Belmont Table Radio Side-Tuning Knob

Price: $25.00

This knob is located on the right side of Belmont radios and other brands too. It utilizes a thick steel ring to keep the shaft end from stripping, and a special slotted nut to hold the knob onto the tuning shaft. (NOT INCLUDED)

Neither of these metal parts are included with this knob. If yours are missing, you will have to fashion them yourself. In the future, if demand is high enough, I may try to make them myself for sale

Dimensions: 1-3/4" widest part, 3/8" thick, stem extends 3/4" beyond the back of the knob. Hole in back is 1/4" diam., 9/32" diam. on front side to allow for the shoulder of the special nut.

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