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Zenith 6-tube Radio Pushbutton

Price: $3.00

Zenith Push Button for 6-tube & some 9-tube radios. Aged ivory color. Indentation in the center of the face for station call-letters ID. (Not available -You can make your own with a printer.)

Note: There is not supposed to be a slot in the back of these buttons. They go into the besel from the back and the shaft just pushes against the back of the button.

models: 6B321, 6J321, 6J322, 6J357, 6B321, 6S301, 6S304, 6S306, 6S321, 6J322, 6S321, 6S322, 6S330, 6S340, 6S341, 6S361, 6S362, 9S365

Dimensions: 7/16" square, 9/16" tall

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