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1939 Philco Long Pushbuttons (8)

Price: $34.00

Price is for one set of 8 push-buttons.

Models: Likely used by models 39-25, 39-30, 39-31, 39-35, 39-108, and possibly others. Probably all Philco sets from 1939 that had the rectangular slide-rule dial. If you're not sure if your radio uses these, look in the parts list on the Rider's page for Philco part # 27- 4759. The Canadian console model 39-330A and 39-340 used only 6 of these buttons.

The radios that use these buttons used buttons that had a different configuration on the back. They had clips that slid into a slot on the back. I modified the back of the buttons so the clips are no longer necessary.

Dimensions: 1-5/8" long, 7/16" square button, with a smaller dimension back. A rectangular slot in the bottom 3/16 in. long, by 1/16 wide, by 3/8 deep accepts the shaft. Press on fit.

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INSTALLATION NOTE: If the buttons don't seem to fit onto the shaft, it helps to warm the end of the button with a hair dryer prior to installing them. Don't warm them too much, though, or they will bend. Just soften them up enough to allow them to slip onto the shaft easily. If they are crooked or twisted, they can be straightened using the same method.