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1939 Philco Long Pushbuttons (8)

Price: $34.00

Price is for one set of 8 push-buttons.

Models: Likely used by models 39-25, 39-30, 39-31, 39-35, 39-108, and possibly others. Probably all Philco sets from 1939 that had the rectangular slide-rule dial. If you're not sure if your radio uses these, look in the parts list on the Rider's page for Philco part # 27- 4759. The Canadian console model 39-330A and 39-340 used only 6 of these buttons.

The radios that use these buttons used buttons that had a different configuration on the back. They had clips that slid into a slot on the back. I modified the back of the buttons so the clips are no longer necessary.

Dimensions: 1-5/8" long, 7/16" square button, with a smaller dimension back. A rectangular slot in the bottom 3/16 in. long, by 1/16 wide, by 3/8 deep accepts the shaft. Press on fit.

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INSTALLATION NOTE: If the buttons don't seem to fit onto the shaft, it helps to warm the end of the button with a hair dryer prior to installing them. Don't warm them too much, though, or they will bend. Just soften them up enough to allow them to slip onto the shaft easily.