Welcome to Renovated Radios

A web site devoted to reproduction parts for antique radios

This antique radio parts site is dedicated to supplying reproduction parts for your vintage vacuum-tube radio. I make over 300 different radio parts, mostly rubber washers, grommets, and various radio knobs for your antique radio.

Here you'll find parts for Zenith, Philco, Stewart-Warner, Arvin, Belmont, Detrola, Fada, Majestic, RCA, Silvertone, Truetoe, Westinghouse, Motorola, and more.

Tube radios are cool. They emit a warm, steady orange glow inside, unlike the modern transistor type radios. And, they can have an input jack, or bluetooth module installed so you can play any kind of music through your vintage radio. I don't do renovations, or restorations or repairs of old radios here, I just make antique radio parts. See below for repairs.

If you have a radio you'd like repaired, I suggest you do an Internet search for terms like "vintage radio repair", "radio club", or something similar and include the name of your state with the search terms. That way, you should be able to find someone in your locality who might be able to help you.

If you decide to repair your own radio, follow the link above to my "Parts" page. I probably have some parts you could use. Then check my "Links" page for other resources.

If you would like advice about repairing your old radio, I suggest you go to the "Antique Radio Forum" on the Web, and ask questions there. The forum is frequented by many radio experts who are very knowledgable and willing to help.

Thanks for stopping by. Check out my parts page.

Ed Schutz